Introduction to Technical Analysis

Introduction to Technical Analysis provides a thorough grounding in technical analysis to traders and investment managers of all asset classes who are new to the subject. This two day course covers the essentials of technical analysis, whether from a purely short-term timing perspective or for longer-term analysis, and is designed to get students quickly up to speed and to a level where they can apply TA correctly and confidently in the markets they cover.

Technical Analysis

  • Why it works and its limitations

Dow Theory

  • Appreciating the contribution of Charles Dow

Chart types

  • Line, bar, candle and semi-log
  • Using them in different markets and market conditions

Support and resistance levels

  • Identifying levels
  • Assessing their strength
  • Expected price movement on the break of levels

Trend lines

  • Drawing lines correctly
  • Recognising trend line breaks and false breaks

Chart patterns

  • The major continuation and reversal patterns
  • How to recognise them and how to project subsequent price moves
  • Continuation and Reversal patterns which work again and again

Moving averages

  • The different types of moving average lines
  • Which periods to use
  • Moving average based trading techniques


  • How to read the RSI
  • Monitor the Trend direction using the MACD
  • Learn to trade using the Stochastic Oscillator
  • Using Bollinger Bands


  • Understanding its significance and using volume data with price


  • Why does it work?
  • How to measure retracements
  • How to project objectives

New developments in technical analysis

  • What new analysis is catching on?