In-House Training

Global Markets Training offers all its scheduled training courses for delivery in-house at our client’s premises. This can enable us to tailor the content towards a preferred asset class, market or strategy during the course. Our in-house courses can also be bespoke, being designed and delivered from the ground up to meet your specific needs across the full range of investment and trading strategies and financial products.

Our core areas of training comprise:

ESG and Sustainable Investing
Courses on the principles of sustainable and responsible investing and how ESG is incorporated into the investment process, as well as practical instruction for listed companies on regulations and standards in ESG reporting. Other courses also available on climate reporting, climate risk, carbon accounting, and supply chain sustainability.

Interest Rate Trading
We offer courses in all areas of interest rate trading and interest rate products, including fixed Income relative value trading (also available as e-learning), convertible bonds, credit spreads, interest rate swaps and swaptions, STIR futures trading, mastering the transition to SOFR and yield curve trading.

Quantitative Trading Strategies
We offer a wide range of expertise in quantitative trading, including algo trading strategies, asset allocation and portfolio construction, backtesting, intraday trading & market microstructure, statistical arbitrage, and volatility trading. We also offer courses on artifical intelligence, including the use of NLP and Large Language Models such as ChatGPT.

Technical Analysis
Learn how to use technical analysis for trading and investment decision-making, market timing and risk management, from introductory to advanced level in any asset class. We also offer specialist technical analysis courses for energy and power markets, as well as a workshop on short-term trading techniques.

Trading Psychology & Mindfulness
Practical training for traders and fund managers of any asset class who want to improve their decision making and performance. Training is delivered by a world-renowned high-performance coach using evidence-based strategies drawn from the areas of elite performance, psychology, physiology, neuroscience and decision science.


To discuss your training requirements, email or telephone +44 (0)1483 573150