Sustainable Metals & Mining

Sustainable Metals & Mining is a two-day hybrid training course for investment managers looking to go beyond ESG ratings, to understand the complexities and developments in this crucial sector. Attendees will gain important insights into where capital should be directed to enhance sustainability of the metals and mining sector, whilst also gaining a thorough grounding in the subject necessary for advocacy and engagement with the companies they are invested in.

Critical areas for increasing sustainability of the sector will be covered, including: the changing demand for metals and mining products, e.g. from renewable energy and EV batteries; enlarging the circular economy; sustainable approaches to exploration and mining that reduce greenhouse gas emissions, waste products, and negative impacts on natural capital; social impacts on employment and communities; law and regulation that may encourage or present barriers to the sustainable journey; and issues with data transparency, greenwashing and green hushing. The course will finish with an integrated approach to devising a sustainable investment approach for the metals and mining sector, and look towards future sustainable growth opportunities.

The course is taught by world-renowned expert Karen Hudson-Edwards, Professor of Sustainable Mining at the Camborne School of Mines, University of Exeter.

Who Should Attend: Investment managers, institutional investors, ESG and equity analysts, sustainability professionals.

“It was really worth it – even though I knew quite a bit about geology and sustainability, getting the mining view was really valuable.” Dr Joerg Rueedi, Senior ESG Analyst, S&P Global

“Karen was excellent and held a top class course that is probably hard to find in other places.” John Erikmats, Sustainability Specialist, SEB Investment Management




2 Days (Hybrid)

Course Fee:

£1990 + VAT


Trends in Demand for Metals and Mining Products

  • Where will this be coming from?
    i. ‘New’ demand: e.g. renewable energy, EV batteries, tech
    ii. ‘Traditional’ industry
  • For which metals/minerals?
  • Where are the ‘green metals’ found and what type of mines are required
  • Metals whose mining is most environmentally damaging to mine and why
  • Resource depletion
  • Possible alternatives/substitutions for some metals

The Mining Value Chain and Circular Economy

  • The mining value chain: Activity and investment
    i. Acquisition of exploration rights
    ii. Exploration: desk work to diamond drilling to reserve and resource delineation
    iii. Mine development
    iv. Mining (extraction)
    v. Minerals processing
    vi. Sale of Commodity
    vii. Mine closure
  • Sustainable and responsible mining
  • Circular economy and mining

Impacts and Sustainable Approaches to:

  • Exploration
  • Mining techniques and metal production
    i. Large-scale mining
    ii. Artisanal and small-scale mining
    iii. Innovation across the mining value chain
  • GHG emissions and energy consumption: how can they be reduced
  • Waste management, tailings, tailings dams; environmental pollution and impact on communities and health
  • Water: Managing demand and wastewater, water quality
  • Air quality and atmospheric pollution
  • Deforestation and biodiversity
  • Social impact: Employment and communities

Governance, Law and Regulation

  • Overview of laws and regulations:
    i. National
    ii. Trans-national
    iii. Likely changes and challenges ahead
  • Reporting and certification: Underreported metrics, lack of transparency and consistency on measurement methodologies, greenwashing and green hushing
  • Controversies and accidents: impact on reputation
  • Corporate governance:
    i. minimum requirements
    ii. Examples of leading practice

Devising a Sustainable Investment Approach:

  • Listed companies: developing rules for inclusion/exclusion, advocacy and engagement
  • Junior exploration-mining companies
  • New projects/start-ups
  • Investing along the mining value chain
  • Understanding the risk
  • Case Studies:
    a. Coal
    b. Copper
    c. Lithium
    d. Cobalt
    e. Rare Earth Elements
    f. Tin

The Future: Sustainable Growth Opportunities

  • Growth strategies
  • Mining waste
  • Mining companies as material stewards
  • Deep-sea mining
  • Space mining
  • No more mining?