Mindfulness for the Markets

Mindfulness for the Markets is a unique two day course that introduces traders and investment managers to mindfulness techniques that can enhance their decision making and performance. It blends proven mindfulness-based approaches with stress physiology, neuroscience and performance psychology to provide a practical methodology to help you to train your trading and investing brain, develop your ‘mind fitness’, strengthen your psychology and increase your mental edge.

The use of mindfulness is growing, largely due to its rapidly expanding scientific evidence base, and it is now being used by the military, athletes and sports teams, law enforcement agencies, the corporate sector and a growing number of traders and fund managers because of the many benefits it provides.

The benefits to traders and investment managers of practising mindfulness include reduced stress reactivity, improved emotional regulation, lower levels of impulsivity, enhanced intuition and less negative thinking. It also enhances self-control and discipline and improves attention and focus, whilst reducing proneness to behavioural and decision biases.

This course is led by one of the world’s top trading and investing performance coaches and qualified mindfulness teacher.

  • What makes a good trader/fund manager?
  • What is mindfulness and what benefits does it provide?
  • What are the benefits of mindfulness for traders and fund managers? The science and research
  • How mindful are you? Assessing your level of attention, awareness and mindfulness
  • How to develop your mindfulness, neuro-plasticity and mind fitness ‘v’ physical fitness
  • Exercises to develop attention and awareness, building self-awareness and discipline
  • Developing your ‘deliberate mind’ and reducing your proneness to trading/behavioural biases
  • Managing your thoughts and developing a mental framework for successful trading
  • Mindfulness techniques to manage your emotions based upon key neuroscience findings
  • Exercises to harness the power of your intuition and gut feel to enhance your decision process
  • A powerful strategy for dealing with impulses, urges and ‘temptations’
  • How to approach difficult situations, embrace discomfort, manage stress and develop resilience
  • Building winning trading and investing behaviours and overcoming ‘bad’ trading habits
  • How to incorporate mindfulness-based approaches into your trading and investing process