Advanced Technical Analysis

Advanced Technical Analysis is a two-day course for practitioners with market experience who are familiar with the essentials of technical analysis and who would like to delve further into using TA on a regular and integral basis. The course will help delegates find their own way of putting together indicators and studies into coherent strategies – across different asset classes and for different market conditions.

The trainer will use a live terminal throughout the course to illustrate the techniques, focusing on the practical application of technical analysis and how to integrate it into your work process to improve profitability and reduce risk.


What works best?

  • Which techniques should you use?
  • What should you avoid?

What timeframe chart suits you?

  • Rule of Five
  • How many charts do you need?

Candlestick charts

  • The unique advantages of candlestick charting
  • An overview of the 40 most popular patterns and their signals
  • Some lesser known but effective patterns and how to trade them

Sentiment candles TNSC

  • A technique for trading using the sentiment of candles
  • Turning the method into a system
  • Finding high probability trade levels

Point and figure charting

  • Generating clear and unambiguous trading signals
  • Optimizing the chart settings to the market being traded
  • The most effective applications of the point and figure technique
  • Drawing trend lines and setting targets

Behavioural finance

  • Understand why the market behaves the way it does
  • Take advantage of its predictable irrationality
  • Know your self

Trading volume

  • Volume theory
  • The On Balance Volume (OBV) and Weighted OBV indicators
  • Chaikin’s oscillator

Moving averages techniques

  • Choosing ideal period settings for moving average lines across different markets
  • Optimization
  • Advanced rule-based trading methods such as the Turtle system

Trading through economic figures

  • Tested techniques for trading through employment and economic data
  • Three ways to live dangerously


Fibonacci ratios

  • Fibonacci and market psychology
  • Practical applications: retracements, targets and time
  • Which level is likely to hold?
  • Setting targets

Trend lines

  • Drawing them correctly
  • Targets and false breaks
  • Exit methods

Ichimoku charting

  • Ichimoku explained and its practical application
  • Learn the rules
  • Understand why the lines and cloud is calculated the way they are
  • When does the technique work best?

Advanced indicators

  • Moving Average Convergence-Divergence
  • Wilder’s Relative Strength Index
  • Stochastics
  • Directional Movement Index
  • Bollinger Bands
  • CCI

Long-term trend analysis

  • Identifying a trend and assessing its strength
  • Indicators that measure if the market is trending or non-trending
  • Measuring if the trend is close to exhaustion using volume data and histograms
  • Market breadth indicators – how broadly based is a market rally?
  • Advance/Decline analysis techniques

Stop-loss placement

  • 10 types of techniques for stop placement + Reduce ‘false breaks’ + Avoid catastrophes

A swing trading technique

  • Buy dips in an established trend
  • Rule based trading
  • Completely systematic approach
  • Tried and tested

Technical analysis and you

  • An individual round-up of the techniques, time frames and charts you should use in your job