Technical Analysis for Wealth Managers

Technical Analysis for Wealth Managers is a practical and interactive two-day course designed for wealth managers, stockbrokers, portfolio managers, analysts, strategists and sales traders who want to improve their trading performance, develop their decision making skills, and learn how to integrate market timing with fundamental research.

Modern markets are unforgiving of poor timing and research now confirms the effectiveness of technical analysis and its contribution to added portfolio performance. This course focuses on using modern technical techniques to supplement (not replace) good fundamental research. Delegates will learn to answer the question 'when?' as well as 'what?' using live real life current examples and case studies.

Duration: Two days (9.00am to 5.00pm)
Location: The Tower Hotel – London E1, UK
Trainer: Trevor Neil
Course fee: £1790 + VAT – Register online

Course Outline

The Case for Technical Analysis

+ Assessing the academic evidence that technical analysis contributes to outperformance
+ The limitations of technical analysis
+ How technical analysis is a way to display and analyse the biases revealed by Behavioural Finance

The Technical Analyst's Toolbox

+ The history of technical analysis
+ The development of the technical analyst's tools
+ What a modern technical analyst does day-to-day

Choosing the Right Tools

+ What technical analysis is beneficial to the modern Wealth Manager?
+ What technical analysis will be harmful and suited only to the active speculator?
+ What works for you in your job?

The Tools

+ Tools for the intermediate to long term perspective
+ Complimentary tools for timing

Top Down/Bottom Up Analysis

+ How to add a timing overlay to your top-down analysis and portfolio management
+ Learn appropriate and effective single security analysis techniques
+ Learn to quickly decide if now is the right time to enter/exit/add/reduce holdings

The Message of Volume and Breadth

+ Normalising the message from volume and breadth
+ Learn to see and understand the message that the 'fuel 'of the market tells us

The Portfolio Approach

+ Using technical analysis for analysing the relative performance of many assets/securities
+ How to use Relative Rotation Graphs to see the whole picture in one picture

The Exit

+ Why technical analysis is particularly useful for timing exits compared to fundamentals
+ Practical exit techniques

Putting it All Together

+ Creating a personal step-by-step analysis program