Portfolio Construction Techniques

Portfolio Construction Techniques is a two-day course covering stock, sector, index and asset selection using the latest technical analysis techniques. Most technical analysis courses focus on the needs of traders. This course looks at the needs of portfolio managers, strategists and analysts, and focuses on security and asset selection and portfolio management, as well as timing aspects.

These is no other course that so directly focuses on the needs of portfolio managers. Methods of asset allocation, sector choice, maintaining passive performance as well as adding portfolio alpha will all be addressed. The course will view the world from the top down and from the bottom up. The emphasis throughout will be on practical applications and the trainer will show delegates how to integrate these techniques into their workflow.

September 26 to September 27, 2016
Duration: Two days (9.00am to 5.00pm)
Location (April): Apex City of London Hotel – London, UK
Location (September): The Tower Hotel – London E1, UK
Trainer: Trevor Neil
Course fee: £1790 + VAT – Register online

Course Outline


+ Portfolio objectives
+ Your benchmark
+ Risk objectives

Understanding Market Behaviour

+ Are financial markets efficient?
+ Efficient Market Hypothesis and Adaptive Market Hypothesis
+ Behavioural finance
+ Technical analysis and behavioural finance

Essential Technical Analysis Techniques

+ Trends
+ Moving averages
+ Oscillators
+ Continuation and reversal patterns
+ Inter-market signals

Stops and Timeframes
+ Placement techniques

Investment Selection
+ Economic cycles and the Investment Clock
+ Relative strength
+ Relative Rotation Graphs

Modern Asset Allocation and Portfolio Construction
+ Capturing long-term macro trends
+ The TREND Programme
+ Constructing a futures portfolio
+ Timing sector and stock ETFs
+ Dynamic portfolios
+ The TIMING strategy
+ Sector rotation with ETFs
+ Divergence techniques
+ Building a divergence portfolio
+ Maximising equity portfolio returns
+ News and market direction

+ Defining the investment process