Graduate Training Programme

Trading the Financial Markets

Our graduate training programme is a 6-day course offering a comprehensive introduction to trading the financial markets. Designed specifically for those new to the financial sector, our course covers the cash markets, market fundamentals, technical analysis, and the major derivatives markets. It will provide delegates with a complete grounding in the various approaches to trading and investment as well as to the markets and asset classes that are traded globally. This programme is available both as an in-house and public training course.

Dates: Available for in-house delivery
Duration: Six days (9.00am to 5.00pm)
Location: Apex City of London Hotel – London, UK
Trainers: Stephen Aikin, Andrew Bevan and Trevor Neil
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Day 1

Market Economics

+ GDP, inflation and the business cycle
+ Economic indicators
+ How economic data releases impact the markets
+ The economy and exchange rates

Monetary Policy

+ How it affects the markets
+ Differences between the Bank of England, Fed and ECB
+ Quantitative easing and the credit crisis

Day 2

The Interest Rate Markets

+ Short-term strategies
+ The yield curve
+ Bond fundamentals

Fiscal Policy

+ How it affects the markets
+ Government bond markets
+ The credit crisis and sovereign debt

Day 3

The Cash Markets (FX, equities, interest rates and commodities) 

+ Introduction & history
+ Market structure & participants
+ Fair value
+ Forecasting
+ Inter-market Correlations

Day 4

Introduction to Technical Analysis

+ Dow Theory
+ Chart types
+ Oscillators, indicators and moving averages
+ Trends and trendlines
+ Market cycles
+ Market volatility
+ Short-term versus long-term trading
+ Risk and Money Management

Behavioural Finance

+ Trading psychology
+ Investor biases
+ Bubbles and sell-offs

Day 5

Forwards, Futures and FRAs Markets 

+ Application
+ The various markets (equities, FX, interest rates etc)
+ Pricing
+ Trading strategies

Day 6


+ Application
+ Pricing
+ Risk management
+ Trading strategies


+ Application
+ Pricing